• Ensure earlobes are makeup-free and dry before sticking your LobeLift patch

  • Place a LobeLifts patch on the back of your earlobe by centring it over your piercing. Press firmly to secure.

  • Cover the patch with your thumb and insert earring as normal, piercing directly through LobeLifts patch.

  • LobeLifts patches can also be applied after your earring by piercing the patch before placing back on earring. Ensure patch is pressed securely to your earlobe for maximum support.

  • Make sure to remove LobeLifts when taking off your earrings every night.

  • With a little practise you will be a pro, get ready to take the weight of heavy earrings off your shoulders.

How to apply LobeLifts

How to Use MagnaTips

Attach MagnaTips to necklaces or bracelets using the clasps. Hold the magnets and pull apart to easily open and close.

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